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PT ORIENTRACO PERKASA is a new age trading & manufacturing house, specialising in Textiles and Garments, known for its high quality, efficiency, integrity and sincerity.


We manufacture garments for many big brands on an OEM basis.


Being veterans in the trade, we have long established links with various textile factories. This ensures that we have strong sourcing, superior to many garment companies. Hence, we are able to provide customers with large varieties of textiles at highly competitive prices.


We also have a strong foothold in Branding. We have our own variety of in-house brands which we market and distribute throughout the region, our most established one being Sophistix.


Aside from the Apparel & Fashion business, PT ORIENTRACO PERKASA also engages in general trading of sundries, food products, cosmetics and various other products.


Having our base in Indonesia, one of the fastest growing countries in the world, we are well seasoned in sourcing and exporting Indonesian products.


And yet, we have only just begun on our Vision to become the largest trading and manufacturing house in Indonesia.


To create value for all stake holders to become the best  trading & manufacturing house in our fields while keeping social and environmental concern in mind that would stand the test of time & be a benchmark of comparison for others.


We strive to provide our customers with the best suited products for their needs, while upholding high quality, efficiency, integrity and sincerity.


  1. Sincere, Honest & Hardworking in every endeavour

  2. Continuously Learn as we Earn

  3. Humble yet boldly visionary

  4. Ever Optimistic & Enterprising

  5. Respect & Loyalty to Family, God & The Nation

  6. Conduct our business fairly, ethically & with equality

  7. Continuous Innovation while upholding Tradition & Heritage

  8. Sharing & Caring for the welfare of all

Providing Guidance Since 1905

Message from Chairman

The dawn of the new world order sees our century old group moving into a new era.


The globalized world of today has but a faint resemblance to the world in which our founders worked.

While in the past areas of business are mainly localized, we see ourselves taking on a global presence through rapid use of technology.


Our group is constantly innovating to stay ahead of the challenges of the new world economy.

With the new generations joining the ranks, we stay ever optimistic of the exciting future.


In the new economic order we still do not forget our tradition, values & heritage.

Our founders’ paramount humble and enterprising ways continue to stay at the heart of the group, guiding us in our conduct.

We will continue to innovate and strive for excellence.


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